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Our Muscles Are Already Clenched Against the Inevitable

Maybe there will be a time when what I create won't reflect a certain amount of pain. The pieces published Bruxelle Art Vue: power of color, are both bright and dark. Reflecting how life seems to me.

Surrounding every bubble of bliss there is an outer edge of despair. An acknowledgement that the bubble will burst, no matter how big it is. In joy our muscles are already clenched against the inevitable, waiting for the crash. Waiting for bubble to become just the slippery soapy substance under our feet. Causing us to stumble and fall. And from there we will become covered uncomfortable in what was once our joy. Might our tears mix with it, and cause the substance to gather together again? Might then someone blow air into it, and return the bubble joy once more? Who is to say in what moment my art belongs in this eternal process. Bliss with the edge of sadness, or sadness with an edge of bliss.

An artist of the Americas, Heather Hauptman has been infused with stories and creatures that manifest in her drawings and embroidery since 2016. Currently based in

Denver CO, returning home after nine years in Argentina where she began her journey as a self taught artist. While in the Paris of the south, Buenos Aires, she honed her skills in storytelling via drawing and embroidery on found objects.

Her past life as a critical care nurse prepared her to become an artist, as she witnessed the fragility of life. Her art is the place that vulnerability and enchanted thinking come together. The great prairie of the American west and the vast emptiness of Argentina’s Patagonia whisper to her, calling for her calloused nurses’ hands to bring them forth into the world.


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