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Bruxelles Art Vue, Volumes of Darkness #5 2021.

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

I can’t recall now when it was I submitted to Bruxuelles Art Vue’s open call for Volumes of Darkness. Or even how I found it. So much of what I have done over these past two years was done out of intuition or just blind reflex.

Perhaps I’ve always operated in that way. Stumbling my way through life with a vague sense of self and truth. I’m not saying this is a good thing. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. It seems now at 51, and looking at my life, that perhaps it is just my way. Tripping and just catching myself from falling as I move forward, but never really gaining my balance. Purposefully unintentional in my movements perhaps. Never wanting to see too far ahead, to see what I might be crashing into or breaking free of.

Much of this work was created during the quarantine of 2020, as I was living in Buenos Aires, Argentina with my partner of many years. We didn’t survive the quarantine. Things hidden in the dark corners of our relationship became exposed in the inscrutable light of the pandemic, and then bleached away. These pieces reflect the betrayal of my partner and my despair upon the discovery of it. It bleached the color out of my life, and penetrated my every waking hour. But hope is reflected in these pieces as well. Hope that I will find my way in due time, and I have only to listen to the gentle whisper of the unseen things, desperate to guide me along my way.


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