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Arts to Hearts Project: Ready to Wear, and the Neighbor Lady are on the LOOSE!

The Neighbor Lady was accepted into an emerging artist magazine promoting women in art. Arts to Hearts Project. Oh course she was, she's 100% behind women in the arts.

Arts to Hearts, was founded in 2020 by artist and designer, Charuka Arora, and it is "... a global contemporary arts platform on a mission to unite women identifying creatives, globally." I'm happy to be a part of such a forward thinking community.

A few of my other pieces are in the artist profile section. Bicho on His Path, and The Girl in the Cave that didn't make it into the gallery, but are there to support the Neighbor Lady from the sidelines.

The virtual gallery was curated by Celine Gabrielle, an amazing artist out of Canada whose work is both feminine and bold with her use of color and clothes. See her stuff at and

The Ready to Wear virtual gallery has a wide variety of pieces of all differing media types, including the embroidery of the Neighbor Lady (woohoo!). I was able to attend the zoom opening, and get to know some of the other women in the show, and hear a bit about them and their processes. Check it out for yourself, by visiting Ready to Wear .

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