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She Threw Herself into Sex: embroidery and poetry for those who want to own their sensuality.

She threw herself into sex. Seeking out places that she hid from herself. Places that were too ugly. A wrinkled corner where dirty and dead carcuses would find themselves trapped. Where lights were dimmed, and over powered by shadows. She hadn't looked before now at these spaces, nor these people who dwelt there. But someone there would give her what she needed. Someone would willingly bask in the glow of her diminishing perfection, her beauty for the fleeting time she had left with it. So she slathered her face in creams and makeup, pulled out the gray hairs that she could see. Then took a few pictures of herself hidding enough of her identity to be safe. She was good at that. She up loaded the app on her burner phone, and waited. 

She didn't know why she needed it. It was sudden and urgent and strong and oppressive. She didn’t stop to think about it for too long, she chose a profile picture that she knew would get her what she wanted. And waited for them to find her. 

Fine Lines and Linens on display at EDGE Gallery, Lakewood CO USA 4/5- 4/14


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